Here in Mellowcatland we had ourselves quite the rainstorm. A normal good rain is about a quarter of an inch. Half an inch? That’s real good. If we get over an inch, then I call up a StormWatch and bother my close associates all day about it. But this thing yesterday? It was insane. We are talking Great Red Spot of Jupiter insane. Well, maybe I’m going  a bit overboard there. The Great Red Spot has been storming away for hundreds of years, and ours lasted about 12 hours, but still. You get what I’m saying. Big time rain.


The National Weather Service posted a summary of how this all came to be, which you can read if you are interested. It included this sentence.

Please keep in mind this is a general synoptic overview and may not capture/discuss every detail, especially on the mesoscale level

Oh, I will definitely keep that in mind. Wait, what did she or he say? Synoptic? Mesoscale? Should I nod as if I understand? No need! I have the Internet’s World Wide Web right here to assist me, and I can look up these words. OK, Synoptic: “of or forming a general summary or synopsis”. Did he or she even need to throw that in there? How is “general synoptic overview” different from “general overview”. Or just, “overview”. Next, Mesoscale: “an intermediate scale, especially that between the scales of weather systems and of microclimates, on which storms and other phenomena occur.” I get it now. I would probably say something like, hey, this is real general so don’t freak out if I don’t mention some tiny thing that’s a big deal to you.

Maybe they said it the right way.

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