I don’t watch TV, and my social media inputs are from a fairly narrow and predictable band of sources. I do read a newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, but that probably further insulates me from the news of the day. If you strike up a conversation with me and mention something topical, there’s a fair chance that I will have no idea what you’re talking about.

My single durable conduit to the world at large has been Andrew Sullivan’s blog, the Daily Dish. I started reading it in 2000, a long time ago in web years. I was mostly interested in the politics commentary, but his interests were wide ranging and energetic. Its rare to see anyone gather information and adjust their point of view in real life, and you could see this happen in real time on the Dish. And you could acquire and discard opinions right along with him! It was like having a personal trainer for conversation skills.

He invented things too, like the weekly View From Your Window contest, summary of reactions (reax) from social media after major events, and continuing threads on topics that spurred reader interest. Unmoderated comments from readers did not follow his blog posts, and this may be his greatest contribution to society.

He stopped blogging in February, and I miss it quite a lot.

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