Did you feel it? I did, earlier today. I was outside, tidying up the yard, and noticed that that the angle of light had changed. It’s changing all the time of course, but I just noticed it so that makes it blog worthy. Around these parts, the shift from Summer to Fall it quite subtle. No dramatic blaze of fall color, but the hyper-aware might notice that the weather goes from “nice” to “really nice”. Autumn is my favorite time of year – always has been, for some reason. Let’s speculate: decay, mortality, darkness, retreat, Halloween. Sounds great! Who wouldn’t like Fall? Now I have a whole new reason for liking it though – Birds! No complaints to be lodged about the birds that stuck with us all summer, but we are looking forward to seeing the Fall migrants and the over-wintering birds. The featured image above shows one of our summer stalwarts, a somewhat bedraggled House Finch, hanging out in a drought-roasted shrub in the yard. An all too common scene of late. Bring on the Black-headed Grosbeak. Out in the yard this evening, we racked up a solid 11 bird styles in a short session – a harbinger of better days ahead.

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