To Build a Fire

You are responsible for managing millions of acres of forested lands, it is the middle of summer, in the fourth year of drought. How do you safeguard these lands against harm? Well, if you’re the US Forest Service, you invite thousands of people to start fires, some of them quite large, in a mostly unsupervised, uncontrolled […]

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Finessing the Rig

There are five ways to learn about assembling your car camping rig: deep personal reflection, inspiration,  trial and error, field observation, and direct mail marketing. You never know what’s going to work, so I suggest pursuing all five paths, in addition to the sixth way to car camping enlightenment that we have not yet discovered. We haven’t been at this […]

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Rambling in the Northeast Quadrant – Episode 2

We now continue the account begun yesterday of our trip to the Plumas/Tahoe National Forest region. Here’s a picture of the Sierra Buttes taken from Mills Peak, to get you oriented. Let’s see now, where were we? Right – in the Diablo Campground, with unruly neighbors and a gathering thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Having been […]

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If you consider yourself part of the Nation, then I suggest you take full advantage of your National Forests. Not only does the USFS offer good, off the beaten track campgrounds, but you can also basically camp elsewhere anywhere you like, for free, if you can find a good spot in the hundreds of millions of […]

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Walk in

Many’s the time we’ve hiked, car camped and backpacked at Butano State Park, but never have we stayed at a walk-in site. Until yesterday. Site 22 is the farthest from the walk-in camp’s parking lot, probably 50 meters or so, but is in a lovely secluded spot in this forested dell near a spur from […]

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