The Coastal Trail

We timed our walk just right, and made it back to the car at sunset. I’d hoped to spy whales on our walk, but they weren’t available. Brought my new binos just in case, and those came in handy for bird observations. This is the Cowell Ranch Beach Trail, which we’ve visited twice before, in […]

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Someone decided to introduce a cat to El Corte de Madera Open Space. Not bad! I like how they’ve made use of the pith for one of his eyes. We last visited the area in late summer, and things are looking very green now. Lots of interesting fungi, and the little creeks have come back […]

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I have some information for you. You know how people talk about “the environment” as if it’s an abstraction, like maybe some place that has a lot of trees? It turns out that we’re kind of in “the environment” all the time. And this past week I ran across a few news items that I […]

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This was unexpected

Ran across a couple of odd things on the hike today. We’re still exploring the El Corte de Madera open space (many trails in here), and today’s ramble aimed to explore the fantastically named Steam Donkey trail. We got close to the Donkey, but veered west down a different trail for various reasons. Along the […]

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The not-so-great sounding name “Tarwater” keeps coming up in our recent hikes. There’s a creek with that name in the Pescadero hills, and I crossed over this on a recent ramble. True to its name, the Tarwater had an oily sheen and the rocks in the stream bed accumulated black tar. It was clearly petroleum […]

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