Turning Point

Did you feel it? I did, earlier today. I was outside, tidying up the yard, and noticed that that the angle of light had changed. It’s changing all the time of course, but I just noticed it so that makes it blog worthy. Around these parts, the shift from Summer to Fall it quite subtle. […]

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Finch Dispersal

Much to the dismay of the local House Finches, I had to take the bird feeders down for a few days. I saw a couple of birds exhibiting signs of the finch eye disease, which can quickly spread when they congregate together. And boy, do they congregate. It’s been a non-stop Finch party at both feeders […]

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Rambling in the Northeast Quadrant – Episode 2

We now continue the account begun yesterday of our trip to the Plumas/Tahoe National Forest region. Here’s a picture of the Sierra Buttes taken from Mills Peak, to get you oriented. Let’s see now, where were we? Right – in the Diablo Campground, with unruly neighbors and a gathering thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Having been […]

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