My Little Chickadee

The feeder outside the kitchen window has been hit hard by the Chestnut-backed Chickadee in recent days. I changed out the bird seed to include a mix. Nobody seemed to be going for the straight Sunflower seeds, but  something in this concoction is like catnip to the Chickadee. They will invariably knock a few seeds […]

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Nesting Pair

These Mourning Doves have a nest somewhere in the vicinity. I hear them quite often in the backyard, and have seen them perching here and there. Haven’t pinpointed the location of the nest yet. There’s a very light rain falling, and they have their feathers fluffed out to trap insulating air and shed the rain.

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The neighborhood has a lot of ravens, and on Friday evening an ‘unkindness’ of them settled on one of our trees. Nobody is really sure why, but the raven population in the Bay Area has grown dramatically in recent years.  A bird guy says that they are “open-program” animals, and figure out how to adapt […]

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the high road

A few  images from a walk in Huddart Park last Sunday.  Towards the end you can hear a bird that sounds a bit owlish.  He’s making a repetitive, low-key “woo-hoo” sound.  A sardonic version of the normally upbeat “woo-hoo!”.  me: “Hey, I found a paper clip!”  owl: “woo-hoo.”

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nesting pair

We have a couple of new friends staying at our place.  A pair of mourning doves have a nest someplace near the deck in back of the house – maybe up in the big pine tree.  They seem to like to perch on the deck arbors and around the front door.  Yesterday one kept flying […]

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