not to bee

I had high hopes for participation in the Great Sunflower Project this summer, but ran into a few problems; got a late start, only one of the plants made it past the seedling stage, it’s been a cool summer so it just started to develop flowers last week, and yesterday somebody or something pulled the […]

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let it bee

Mellowcat is all signed up for the Great Sunflower Project.  The sunflower seeds aren’t in yet, but you’ll no doubt hear all about it once they go in.  We have a pretty good area for bees in the front yard already; they really go for the salvia, bottlebrush, and the lantana.  Not sure what kinds […]

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fossil v. ant

We’re undergoing an ant assault outside the house.  One area that’s of particular concern is the utility yard, where we keep the trash can and recycling bins.  There’s a 24 hour a day Ant Party going on back there.  I don’t want to use anything that might harm other bugs or animals, and so I’m […]

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a cricket

A cricket is starting to chirp in the evenings in the backyard – first one of the year that I’ve heard.  Seems like a late start, but I wasn’t insect-blogging at this time last year, so there’s no record of the first one in 2008.

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