Return to Normalcy

Hey, what’s with all the bird-related information? I thought this was supposed to be a cat blog. The kitty decided it would be for the best to convert the thriving catmint plants into a cat sofa bed. While I’m here, I’ll sneak in a few pictures from the front yard. Looking good out there. Here […]

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super sunday

Here’s a tip for the runners out there – if you’d prefer that your mid afternoon run on Sunday features fewer cars on the neighborhood streets, then I suggest starting at kickoff time on Superbowl Sunday. I’m talking ghost town. Except for the pizza delivery guys. Don’t worry about missing any of the action – […]

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coach cat

Before the early morning run, it behooves me to do a bit of stretching.  Otherwise, I would probably need to be driven around the neighborhood. What is especially helpful is that the kitty saunters in to the den to show me how to do the stretching right. Now, open carpet is at a premium in […]

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full moon fever

I see that The Letter went out for a moonlight run and didn’t tell me. As compensation, I will steal one of his pictures to decorate my blog. I did take advantage of the full moon to plant some crops – a half dozen spinach starts went in just as the moon was rising. The […]

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’tis the season

I stopped by Wegman’s this morning to get some greenery for the mantle, and the shop cat Convict was there to assist me with my selections. He was going to town on one of the wreaths; it had round, red objects attached to it, and he was pulling them off and batting them around. My […]

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