Off Leash

Another local controversy is a-brewin’, and this one involves people and their dogs, which escalates the tension level immediately to DEFCON 1. The NPS offered a Dog Management Plan to close some parts of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to off-leash dogs. Dogs have lobbyists on par with the NRA it seems – our feisty […]

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It could be

Several worthwhile goals are visible in this picture. I like the Westfalia, and have considered acquiring one. Although there is no doubt about my allegiance to cats, one of these friendly tan dogs would be pretty nice. The Los Osos area seems like a very cool place to live. Here we have a big tan […]

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Lost and Found

When we pulled up to the house after the evening commute, we saw one of your large tan dogs coming around the corner. I assumed this was Brownie, the geriatric labrador down that street. But no, this was an unfamiliar dog, wearing no collar. He’s a friendly chap, and promptly entered the front yard through […]

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