Read All About It

If you’re not interested in hearing me complain about something, then you’d best move along. We’ll look at this picture while you make your way to happier places on the Internet. Are they gone? OK, let’s start complaining. This is about the San Francisco Chronicle; long time subscriber, first time complainer. Today’s Chron had an […]

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what a way to go

The local news tells us that our city’s police chief has resigned.  He mailed in his resignation, effective immediately, five days before he was supposed to return from a ‘lengthy vacation’.  Who among us has not considered doing the same, as a vacation comes to its end?  Mellowcat has a vacation coming up in a […]

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untold stories

The World Series starts today.  There will be stories that emerge from the Series that people will remember and talk about for years to come.  Great pitching, stunning defensive play, monumental home runs, and other heroic achievements will be recalled.  You’ll remember where you were and who you were with when you witnessed these events, […]

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