the gate

Out to dinner tonight at Milagro’s we were seated next to a couple of loud talkers, and so I feel that I can relay some of their conversation (in case you couldn’t hear them from your location).  They were at the end of a day of sailing, apparently as skippers of a sailboat on the […]

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this must be the place

After traveling around the state last week, I would say that we’ve settled down in the right location.  The crickets have arrived.  I heard them during my evening run at Edgewood.  And there are a zillion frogs along Cordilleras Creek.  From up high on the Edgewood Trails I could see a sailboat class in progress […]

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that clears things up

For most of January and February, our normally clear tap water was all cloudy.  They told us it was just air, resulting from work being done on the water pipeline, but it also had a funny taste.  Didn’t taste like air, however.  Now we’re back to the good clear Hetch Hetchy water.  I think I’m […]

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out on the weekend

Superbowl weekend is here, and once again the Bay Area is available to be enjoyed by the miniscule sector of the population that won’t be watching the game.  That includes Mellowcat and friends, and we’ll take advantage of this rare moment.  Used to really be a ghost town around here during the ‘9ers Superbowl heyday, […]

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football town

On the drive in to see the cats this morning, we saw a group of Niner fans in full red and gold regalia standing on Brewster near El Camino, waiting for the bus to Candlestick.  And as we tended to the front garden in the early afternoon, the street was very quiet.  Hardly any traffic, […]

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