On Sunday afternoon, two jet fighters made several low-altitude passes over the neighborhood.  I don’t know what kind of planes they were, but they were flying in close formation.  They ended up heading south, maybe to Moffett Field.  A few other neighbors came out to observe.  They were impressively loud.  The planes, I mean. After […]

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I must say I’m disappointed in the reaction from our city’s mayor to the closing of the Fox Theater and it’s popular night-club companion, the Little Fox.  These two venues represented a centerpiece to Redwood City’s downtown revival, which has been energized by live music.  The two guys who took a big risk and renovated […]

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wishful thinking

The new General Plan for Redwood City is available for review and comment, and the Introduction includes some anecdotal comments from RWC citizens of the future, describing how great everything is since the plan was adopted.  There’s a big focus on trains, streetcars, restaurants, and so on.  The people of the future are always going […]

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mass turbulence

Redwood City doesn’t have a lot of public art, aside from the empty retail storefronts being used as phantom gallery space (which Mellowcat endorses).  So I await with interest the sculpture to be placed in front of the downtown library.  It’s being funded by the $1.3 million gift to the city by a resident, intended […]

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david v. goliath

The always interesting Malcolm Gladwell has a piece in the New Yorker about underdogs and the techniques they use to overcome their stronger competitors.  He’s profiling a girls basketball team from right here in Redwood City that was able to use clever tactics and exploit the rules of the game to gain an advantage over […]

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