Today’s the 106th anniversary of the big quake. This was a high school on Bridge St., that we now call Broadway. The telephone poles made it through fine, as you can see. The city grew somewhat after the quake, as people relocated from San Francisco. Our neighborhood was part of that expansion; it was a […]

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hear ye

My experience of today’s little earthquake on the Hayward Fault was a departure from the norm. I was having my coffee and heard what I thought was a gust of wind, but didn’t see branches moving or anything. I thought no more about it until later, when I saw the news about this quake, and […]

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settle down

There have been 4 more microquakes since the 3.7 aftershock to yesterday’s 4.1 Calaveras Fault temblor.  I did not know this, but that fault is a branch of the San Andreas, veering off around shaky Hollister and running parallel and to the east of the ready-to-go Hayward fault.  This week’s quakes occurred at the point […]

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