doing our bit

After our massive financial outlays for the backpacking trip and the kitchen remodel, I hoped to see an uptick in the global economy.  Happily, evidence is starting to show up in this week’s not-as-terrible-as-we-were-anticipating financial reports.  A word of caution to those looking ahead; we are about to commence on a crushingly stringent austerity program, […]

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my point is this

Strongly Worded Letter has decided to get all up in my grillwork about the Cash for Clunkers program; SWL is a fan, Mellowcat is not.  He counters my fact-free opinion with some statistics showing that the program is resulting in real environmental benefits.  Left out of the equation are the environmental costs in manufacturing and […]

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movin’ on up

It’s becoming less frightening to take a glance at ye olde 401k statements these days.  I know there’s a long way to go yet, and more than likely there will be some more dips before things stabilize.  But it’s nice to see some slow and steady forward progress for a change.  Fewer people are demanding […]

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