The Archdruid

I finally got around to reading John McPhee’s Encounters with the Archdruid. If you have not read it yet, proceed without delay. McPhee is a favorite, from way back when I first read his geology-centered books, such as Assembling California. I like his style. He’s one of those guys who can reveal complexity and power […]

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Saving the bay

It’s a good thing that they’re taking forever to decide what to do with the local Cargill salt ponds, because it’s given me time to come up with an opinion. Let’s cut to the chase: I’m for full wetlands restoration. The people up in the north bay are leading the way on this. Take a […]

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The huge Rim Fire is 75% contained as of this morning, and has stopped short of White Wolf and Yosemite Creek. They’re fighting fire with fire now, burning out some fuel before the wildfire can get it. Photo credit: Mike McMillan – USFS There are almost 5,000 firefighters up there now. By their efforts, our lands […]

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Red Flag

On our way out for a hike we drove by a small grass fire on 280, maybe a harbinger of the season ahead. I had just read Bill Tweed’s article about the potential for a particularly bad fire year and just like that we see something burning. CalFire was on top of things, as expected, […]

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I have some information for you. You know how people talk about “the environment” as if it’s an abstraction, like maybe some place that has a lot of trees? It turns out that we’re kind of in “the environment” all the time. And this past week I ran across a few news items that I […]

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good timing

I read the other day that some US urban areas will hit solar grid parity in the next couple of years, with NYC getting there in 2015.  And now I find out that global oil production and reserves will begin their decline starting in 2015. Cut that one a bit close, I’d say.

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