Scare Tactics

It looks like Twitter has figured out our demographic, because it’s starting to include “promoted by” tweets (ads) that are personal finance related. One showed up today that said “Unless you want to work forever, #save money like there’s no tomorrow”. Does this sound like good advice to you? If there’s no tomorrow, why should […]

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Read All About It

If you’re not interested in hearing me complain about something, then you’d best move along. We’ll look at this picture while you make your way to happier places on the Internet. Are they gone? OK, let’s start complaining. This is about the San Francisco Chronicle; long time subscriber, first time complainer. Today’s Chron had an […]

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still don’t get it

I just got around to reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis, which is about some of the stuff that happened during the recent and ongoing financial crisis. He explains how some people anticipated the collapse of the credit market, and used weird and obscure instruments to take advantage of that. And I could pretty […]

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the micawber principle

Resident Expert advocates this basic advice from Mr. Micawber. ResEx applies this principle to many things, all the time. “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds and six pence, result misery.” There you have it.

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Our e-filed Turbotax return was rejected, due to a date formatting problem in one of the forms.  Can’t set the date to the format required by the IRS in Turbotax at this time.  We’re not the only ones to have this e-file rejection, I was happy to see.  But it would be good if the […]

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this is not helpful

Here’s a good take-down of the error-filled, misleading, and pandering story on 60 Minutes last week about 401Ks.  I’m in the 60 Minutes demographic I suppose, but based on their advertising, not exactly their target audience.  So I feel that I’m qualified to critique their reporting. They often have stories that cater to the interests […]

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