rising tide

I know we’re not supposed to be following the daily ups and downs of the stock market, but isn’t a 7% gain in one day better than a 7% drop? Nice going, Mr. Geithner. Looks like you won’t be this week’s pinata after all. Of course, the week’s just getting started.

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four dot five

We’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to refinance, and hoped for the 30-year fixed rate to get down to about 4.5%. Today’s moves by the Fed might help. They’re buying $300 billion in Treasury bonds, which is supposed to help lower long-term interest rates. Their last big move in this area resulted in a […]

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down we go

The brick house on our street had a serious price reduction three weeks ago, (from 568K to 495K) and it is still unsold.  I’m surprised – although there’s probably tons of work to do, it’s on a nice-sized lot in a good neighborhood.  I guess there are even more attractively priced foreclosures out there.

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