is dinner ready

The Thursday night menu plan now includes this basic lentil thing, where we then add whatever else happens to be available. The first time I made it, the extra new thing was Leeks.  The Resident Expert said it was good, but also added, you might think about using bacon.  She said that kind of quiet, […]

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be prepared

The Resident Expert alerted me to the fact that we were “out of wine” and that “we need to get some wine”.  Good information, and I know it’s Friday and everything, but it’s also 7:20 AM.  We can hold off on the wine for a little bit.

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keeps the doctor away

I had an excellent apple with my lunch today.  The Lunch Provisioner tells me that this is a “new kind” of apple, because they were out of the “regular kind”.  Whatever kind it is, I found it to have marvelous properties; it was like a little bundle of Autumn.  Crisp temperature, brisk wind, low-angled bright […]

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the weekend is upon us

And the agenda includes: continued work on The Project; bracing the unstable recycling center, planting the Victory Garden, a 10-mile run somewhere great, visiting the shelter cats, and our first Sunday Night BBQ of 2009.  Which will require firing up the Weber Q ahead of time.  Last fired up sometime in October 2008.  New York […]

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