The Fallen Monarch

About 40 years ago California was as drought-stricken as today, and the good people of the 1970’s switched out their thirsty landscaping with the Sunset-magazine-sanctioned plants of that era. Juniper. Lemon Bottle-brush. Oleander. Whoever lived in our house in those years was doing the right thing, because we still have a lot of these plants. […]

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Gold Star

During the winter you would have heard a lot of big talk from me about letting the lawn die in response to the regional drought. Then it actually started to die, and that was unsettling for the suburbanite within. That’s when you have to walk the walk, as they say. So it gradually turned from […]

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It hasn’t been an especially hot summer so far, but the pepper harvest has been bountiful nonetheless. You’re looking at Padrón and Carmen peppers. That small red Padrón was incredibly hot. As you know, it’s pepper roulette with the Padrón’s anyway, but if they go red like this guy, watch out. Fair warning. We’ve been getting a couple […]

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Camp Arrowhead

The back corner of our portion of the earth’s surface has been a landscaping quandary. It’s triangular in shape, on a moderate downhill angle, half shaded by towering oak and pepper trees, half baked in the blazing sun, and a major focal point for leisure-seekers lounging on the deck. What is to be done? Many […]

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