The Fallen Monarch

About 40 years ago California was as drought-stricken as today, and the good people of the 1970’s switched out their thirsty landscaping with the Sunset-magazine-sanctioned plants of that era. Juniper. Lemon Bottle-brush. Oleander. Whoever lived in our house in those years was doing the right thing, because we still have a lot of these plants. […]

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Camp Arrowhead

The back corner of our portion of the earth’s surface has been a landscaping quandary. It’s triangular in shape, on a moderate downhill angle, half shaded by towering oak and pepper trees, half baked in the blazing sun, and a major focal point for leisure-seekers lounging on the deck. What is to be done? Many […]

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Return to Normalcy

Hey, what’s with all the bird-related information? I thought this was supposed to be a cat blog. The kitty decided it would be for the best to convert the thriving catmint plants into a cat sofa bed. While I’m here, I’ll sneak in a few pictures from the front yard. Looking good out there. Here […]

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Sunday evening

I started working on the landscaping around the new fence, and spent a good part of Sunday out there conditioning the soil and adding plants (lavender, some grasses). There’s about a foot or so of space between the fence and the sidewalk, and the lavender should do well in this sunny spot. There were many […]

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Fenced in

The fence is done, and the finished product is really close to what we had envisioned. This is the drawing I made and gave to the guys who built it. I didn’t have measurements or anything, but we must have been on the same wavelength. The key differences are in the number of fence posts; […]

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