Numbers up

I moved the house numbers from the front door area, where you could hardly see them, to the front gate arbor. They weren’t looking that great at first, but cleaned up nicely with a little Bar Keepers Friend – that stuff is amazing. I thought they were low quality metal due to their appearance, but […]

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Minimal Traditional

I just found out the name of the architectural style to which our house belongs: Minimal Traditional. Not the greatest of names, you will agree – I’m going to use “MinTrad” instead, as that sounds more like a thing that you maybe should know about. I will try dropping that into conversation, should the topic […]

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Keeps on ticking

I’ve resurrected my old Timex Ironman watch for next week’s backpacking trip. On the Butano outing, I kept checking my phone for the time – we didn’t start until 3pm, and I was anxious to arrive before sunset. The Timex weighs next to nothing, and it has the spooky-cool Indiglo face, and so it merits […]

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Return to Normalcy

Hey, what’s with all the bird-related information? I thought this was supposed to be a cat blog. The kitty decided it would be for the best to convert the thriving catmint plants into a cat sofa bed. While I’m here, I’ll sneak in a few pictures from the front yard. Looking good out there. Here […]

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Transformer Man

Let me just start by saying that I’m not a crazy person – it’s important that we’re clear on that at the outset. For years now, I’ve been hearing and commenting on a mysterious low frequency vibration detected at various places in the home. It would come and go, at regular times each day – […]

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Sunday evening

I started working on the landscaping around the new fence, and spent a good part of Sunday out there conditioning the soil and adding plants (lavender, some grasses). There’s about a foot or so of space between the fence and the sidewalk, and the lavender should do well in this sunny spot. There were many […]

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Fenced in

The fence is done, and the finished product is really close to what we had envisioned. This is the drawing I made and gave to the guys who built it. I didn’t have measurements or anything, but we must have been on the same wavelength. The key differences are in the number of fence posts; […]

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Work in progress

They started on the front yard fence today. Those tall posts along the fence line will be trimmed down tomorrow, and they’ll be adding 1×4 pickets in a scalloped pattern.  The fence along the sidewalk will be just over 3 ft. high, so passers-by will have full viewing rights to the front yard, as they […]

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