Way back when

The 1940 Census is available for review, and I tracked down the occupants of our current home.  The house was just 4 years old at that time, and was rented to a couple from San Francisco, Fenton and Belle. They were in their early fifties, he was a pharmacist, and they paid $48 a month […]

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Flora migration

I’m getting ready for the front yard picket fence to go in, and that means some of the plants are going to have to move. We had several box hedges along the sidewalk, which weren’t doing all that hot anyway, and there are two largish grass plants and some day lilies. We’ve generally favored plants […]

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Here’s the concept for the fence and trellis we plan to add to the front yard. Why the fence all of a sudden?  We actually wanted to have a fence included in our front yard landscaping project a few years ago, but we were talked out of it, and convinced to use dwarf box hedges […]

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another way

A couple of years ago I made a fence and arbor-ish gateway in the backyard.  It separated one area of the backyard from another area of the backyard.  You’re probably wondering, “for what purpose”.  Couldn’t tell you.  But it did give me something to do for a few weekends, and so in that respect it […]

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the new camera

It was required that I obtain a new camera in advance of the Big Island trip.  It’s the Lumix ZS8 .  Here are a couple of recent snaps. First, we’ll test the close-up, which my other camera was no good at.  This is a Douglas Iris – we’ve had this plant for years, and I think […]

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