Every which way

While Clint was talking to a chair at the RNC last summer, David Axelrod tweeted, “What is this?”. I had the same question as I started watching Every Which Way But Loose, which has Clint driving around the San Fernando Valley randomly picking fights with people. He also visits Denver. It goes without saying that […]

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out and about

It was t-shirt weather today in RWC, so I figured a scoot down the Skyline Trail might be in order, once I got my Saturday chores out of the way. So I hopped into the econobox and headed on up. It was really cold up there! 45 degrees! And windy! Which made it seem colder! […]

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just a suggestion

I still have the streaming Netflix going (hence all the Airport movie watching), and I feel that I must level a criticism at this otherwise worthwhile service. They ask you to provide ratings for things you’ve watched, and from this input they’ll be able to come up with Suggestions For You. I’ve been using the […]

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