This text appears on a web page on the Internet: Here is some information about this project. The client approached us with this in mind, we sourced the wood from this place, the construction was interesting because of these things. We built them an office space, an entrance, we worked with this architect. No doubt […]

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out and about

It was t-shirt weather today in RWC, so I figured a scoot down the Skyline Trail might be in order, once I got my Saturday chores out of the way. So I hopped into the econobox and headed on up. It was really cold up there! 45 degrees! And windy! Which made it seem colder! […]

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just a suggestion

I still have the streaming Netflix going (hence all the Airport movie watching), and I feel that I must level a criticism at this otherwise worthwhile service. They ask you to provide ratings for things you’ve watched, and from this input they’ll be able to come up with Suggestions For You. I’ve been using the […]

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great books

The last three books I’ve read were all great. The first one was Uncertain Path by Bill Tweed.  We had the good fortune to meet Mr. Tweed during our stay at Bear Paw High Sierra Camp. On the way home, we stopped at the visitor center at Grant Grove, and they had this book. It […]

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Remember the movie Airport? I’ve been watching bits of it on Netflix the past few nights.  I have about a half hour of it remaining, which I should be able to get through tonight. If you haven’t seen it since it came out 40 years ago, you should check it out.  Now that everybody’s bailed […]

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never heard of it

When we were at Bearpaw High Sierra Camp, some campers happened to mention Hurricane Irene and the East Coast earthquake to the people working there.  The camp staff is there for a couple of months during the summer, and they don’t have regular Internet or phone access, and so it wasn’t all that surprising that […]

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