vfyw hunting

Is everybody already familiar with Andrew Sullivan‘s “View From Your Window” project?  If not, he’s been posting reader-submitted photos with place names as a regular feature in his blog, and in the past year he’s been running a VFYW contest each week, where he posts a photo and readers submit guesses as to the location. […]

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that’s that

I just mailed my last red envelope back to Netflix (it was Clint’s ‘Hereafter’; can’t actually recommend it).  I wasn’t all that upset about their big change last week.  This was the prompt I needed to let go of the DVD form factor and embrace the stream from the cloud.  That sounds weird.  As many […]

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beg to differ

Ready to hear me complain about something?  Great, here we go.  On the radio this morning I heard the morning team on NPR talking about a thing that happened in their fake jovial manner.  Bad enough, I know, but along the way they used the phrase “angry environmentalist”.  We might as well conjoin these words […]

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not newsworthy

Someone mentioned the fire at Neil’s warehouse on Facebook and linked to a short article about it taken from the Gibson guitar web site.  The text of that article was taken essentially verbatim from a UK music news web site.  Why am I telling you this?  Because.  There were errors in this news article, and […]

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good call

If you were reading a transcript of the radio broadcast of game one, Duane Kuiper’s call of Uribe’s 3-run shot would be; “line drive, left field, out of here.”  If you were listening to the game, you would have heard “rara… RARA…. ADAHAA”.  Basically a primal scream. Update: they have an audio of the call […]

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wasn’t watching

The morning paper tells us that our Giants won last night, 1-0, with Timmeh garnering 14 K’s.  I kind of forgot the game was on, but probably couldn’t have watched it anyway.  It’s just too nerve-wracking.  There was a story in Lorrie Moore’s “Birds of America” about this couple, and the woman says the man […]

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