and so it begins

The kitchen remodel starts today – the demolition crew is hammering away at the old cabinets at this moment.  I’ll be posting progress reports on Mellowcat’s other blog –  Less than 1000 .  I started that blog a few weeks ago, thinking it would be a good place to chronicle things related to living in […]

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figured that one out

You’re no doubt noticing that videos are starting to appear on the Mellowcat.  We have acquired a Flip UltraHD camera for the upcoming Yosemite backpacking trip, and I’ve been testing it out.  It’s supposed to capture HD (720p) quality video, but when uploading these to youtube they weren’t available in high definition.  What gives?  I […]

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double vision

Here’s a weird twin thing for you.  Strongly Worded Letter just posted his Boise trip photos, and one of them is eerily similar to one I took last fall.   Take a look at his, then mine.  Weird, huh?  Here are the two together, with mine superimposed over his. The other weird thing – the plants […]

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knowing when to quit

I’m on the horns of a dilemma regarding a book.  I started reading this based on a recommendation of a co-worker, who said it was similar to another book we’d both read, Arthur Phillips’ Prague.  But it’s nothing like that book, as it turns out.  The outline of the story sounds like it would be […]

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I  just received an email from Whole Foods with suggestions for “St. Patty’s Day Favorites”.  That’s St. Paddy, Mr. Whole Foods, not “patty”.  Unless this is in celebration of the Sunshine Burger Organic Breakfast Patty, which I do not believe has yet been canonized, however deserving it might be.

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too big to edit

Mellowcat is reading a book about the financial crisis, and we’re noticing quite a few typos and redundancies. This is always a concern when reading an account that’s supposed to be fact-based. Could be that they were rushing this to print for the holiday bookselling season, but still. He re-introduces Long-Term Capital Management several times […]

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