wasn’t watching

The morning paper tells us that our Giants won last night, 1-0, with Timmeh garnering 14 K’s.  I kind of forgot the game was on, but probably couldn’t have watched it anyway.  It’s just too nerve-wracking.  There was a story in Lorrie Moore’s “Birds of America” about this couple, and the woman says the man […]

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outside the idiot box

A new Nielsen report tells us that there are more televisions than people in the United States.  Over 330 million TVs, they say.  It’s hard to escape them now – I’m supposed to watch TV while at the dentist, at the bar at City Pub, and while waiting for my car to have a smog […]

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digital starter

Comcast informs us that we need an adapter for our regular cable connection – it’s supposed to be free, and will enhance the quality of the video and audio signal, as well as bring us a few channels.  But there must be something else going on here – they’re calling it a digital “starter” kit, […]

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