Car trouble

My dashboard told me that the car’s oil life had reached 5%. I had to take the dashboard’s word for it – it knows more about these things than I do. To remedy the situation, I contacted the service station (are we still calling them that?) where I usually go via their web site and […]

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going meta

The WordPress Dashboard tells me that this will be my 500th Mellowcat communication. It all started in October 2008, following the lead (once again) of The Letter. The first couple of posts were just notes to myself, but then I started to get the hang of it and branched out into the Important Information that […]

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in fact it does

So, I’m apparently going to be pointing out web site errors all the time now? This will quickly become tedious. But before it does, here’s another one for you. My Google alerts for hometown news included an intriguing headline: Does not go online. Now you’ve got me clicking. The content (it’s a comparison of insurance […]

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This text appears on a web page on the Internet: Here is some information about this project. The client approached us with this in mind, we sourced the wood from this place, the construction was interesting because of these things. We built them an office space, an entrance, we worked with this architect. No doubt […]

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vfyw hunting

Is everybody already familiar with Andrew Sullivan‘s “View From Your Window” project?  If not, he’s been posting reader-submitted photos with place names as a regular feature in his blog, and in the past year he’s been running a VFYW contest each week, where he posts a photo and readers submit guesses as to the location. […]

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