Turn of Phrase

On the drive home they had a story about the Lucy Wainright Roche record called “There’s a Last Time for Everything” on NPR. Good interview, with the Wainright wit well represented. And the title of the record is great, don’t you think? Then I stopped in at Whole Foods to gather more wine bottles, and […]

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Sugar Trade

If you weren’t there, or didn’t see it on TV, or just want to hear it again, here’s James Taylor singing “America the Beautiful” at President Obama’s second inauguration. This was so darn good I went back and listened to some songs of his that I hadn’t heard in many years. One of those old […]

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Kind of a last minute decision, but we jaunted up to SF for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass yesterday, and I’m so glad we did. It’s really super crowded now, but if you accept that and just deal, it is a fun thing to do. Especially this year, because the weather was fantastic and it coincided with […]

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The CDs

Don’t freak out, this won’t be about Credit Default Swaps. I can’t remember what those are anymore. It’s about Compact Discs. Were they smaller than something? LPs, I guess. (LPs = Long Playing records, which apparently played longer than their predecessors. Nowadays, our media aren’t required to refer to the format they’re replacing.) We’ve been […]

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today’s new sounds

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that we had grown exceedingly weary of our iPod library contents.  I believe I described the selections as “fuddy duddy”, which may have been a bit harsh.  But I am so damned tired of hearing these songs, that I end up scrolling right through stuff that I’m sure […]

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just listen

You might have run across this elsewhere, but I’m posting it again here so that I don’t lose track of it.  Thought it was really good. What am I listening to?  My iPod has a bunch of fuddy-duddy songs that I am so tired of hearing.  I just added a few new ones, but my […]

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