Blend In

On the way home from work last night the Civic had a flat tire. Fortunately, this happened while I was going 70 in the fast lane. We made it over to the right shoulder, and Resident Expert stood guard while I switched to the spare, promising to let me know if I was about to […]

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La dolce vita

Last weekend, we were lounging in the living room and I saw an older man walk towards our door and leave something in our mailbox, and then walk away. Without question, it was either Anthrax, or C-4. I informed the Resident Expert that we were at DefCon 1, and went out to check the mail. […]

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filing a grievance

Along with the munching in my work environment, today I’ve had to contend with a long (now going on 20 minutes) non-work-related conversation between two workers that everybody can hear.  OK.  One of the guys just left.  Must be another water cooler in the building that needs to be leaned on.  They were going on […]

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