california’s gold

The Washington Post has an article about out-of-work people heading to the Sierra foothills to pan for gold.  Which brings to mind one of Mellowcat’s favorites, Bacon and Beans from a Gold Pan.  We’ll have to see if today’s gold bugs have the perseverance and can-do attitude of their Depression-era counterparts, Jesse and Dot. It […]

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I complained already about people working in technology who like to highlight their elder statesman status, and their fond recollection of obsolete technology.  I’m now suffering through a webcast with one of these eldernerds.  He’s already recalled “300 baud rate modems”, and for good measure tossed in a reference to the “Vulcan mind-meld”.  Cease and […]

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morning person

Ordinarily I wouldn’t say that I’m a morning person, but I have to say that there’s a very nice interval every morning before things get going.  I usually wake up to hear the Resident Expert attending to the care and feeding of the kitty – if I hear the snick of the back door, I […]

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