Flora migration

I’m getting ready for the front yard picket fence to go in, and that means some of the plants are going to have to move. We had several box hedges along the sidewalk, which weren’t doing all that hot anyway, and there are two largish grass plants and some day lilies. We’ve generally favored plants […]

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The neighborhood has a lot of ravens, and on Friday evening an ‘unkindness’ of them settled on one of our trees. Nobody is really sure why, but the raven population in the Bay Area has grown dramatically in recent years.  A bird guy says that they are “open-program” animals, and figure out how to adapt […]

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right at home

Being the official state flower and everything, the California Poppy has no problem naturalizing the heck out of our front yard.  Seems to like it here, with the blazing sun, limited water, and poor, disturbed soil favored by this species.

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on the rebound

The sage in front of the house was absolutely flattened in yesterday’s deluge.  But it’s starting to bounce back today as the atmosphere starts to dry out.  But it was not a pretty sight this morning.  All the other plants made it through the wind and rain OK, which was a bit surprising, given how […]

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