Fact Check

This has been quite a week. I spent most of it trying to avoid the proceedings in Tampa, but did tune in to the final night. My form of tuning in was reading Andrew Sullivan’s live blog, and following various people on Twitter. I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch the thing, so I missed […]

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Out of context

My political echo chamber tells me that the “you didn’t build that” comment by the president is being heavily used in opposition ads. I suppose that’s fine. The out of context quote is a time-honored tradition, although this seems to be getting a bit past its shelf life. For something as wildly deceptive as this […]

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weighing in

If you are anywhere near a new media outlet this week, you’ve heard plenty about the fate of Obamacare now that it’s in front of the high court. The Mellowcat will not attempt to sway you in your opinion, other than to say that anybody in their right mind would want health care for all, […]

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you do the math

The longtime reader of this blog surely knows that Mellowcat has been, is, and will continue to be, a supporter of President Obama.  I just like the guy. But friend to friend, I have to call him out on a recent statement: Congress should take the money that we’re no longer spending on war, use […]

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