fort monroe

Earlier this year I borrowed Adam Goodheart’s 1861 from Edelbitter, which includes a chronicle of the events at Fort Monroe in the early days of the Civil War.  It’s a great story – one of many that were otherwise unknown to me – in that book.  Yesterday, President Obama declared Fort Monroe to be a […]

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Still reading the fascinating 1861 by Adam Goodheart.  He talks about the attempts to avoid the Civil War through concessions to the southern states and a proposed amendment to the Constitution, and it sounded so much like today’s turmoil in Congress.  They were basically going to give the secessionists everything they wanted, but it still […]

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not entirely unexpected

A few weeks ago the MCat mentioned that opening US coastal waters for offshore drilling might result in people seeing the effects of the extraction process, and they might not like what they see, ultimately moving us to conservation and renewable fuels.  So now we have this huge oil pipeline break in the Gulf of […]

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just a comment

I was reading about today’s Gordon Brown story on the BBC site, and noticed a big difference in the tone and style of the comments compared to stateside blogs.  Remarks ranged from mild shock (“Oh dear.”) to alliterate (“bigots beget bygones”) to wry (“What a nice man.”).  If this had been one of our presidential […]

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define your terms

The Resident Expert has been puzzling over the makeup of the “Tea Party” demographic.  ResEx will apply due diligence before forming an opinion, reading articles and pondering the variables.  The Mellowcat needs not spend that kind of time, knowing right off the bat that they are all nutcases.  But here we have Mr. David Brooks […]

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just words

The opponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 had latched onto a couple of curious expressions in the last few weeks.  Many R’s and the political media were referring to the President’s one-day summit as “kabuki theater”.  And the vote last Sunday was described by the R’s and their media agents […]

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