spring break

We’ll set aside our friend the piñata this week.  I’m going positive, to counter some of the negative energy that’s settled in across the land.  There was this guy earlier in the week who said something publicly that you hardly ever hear, and I thought it was long overdue.  He asked why he hadn’t responded […]

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news to me

There was a NYT article and NPR report today about Pakistan’s intelligence service (ISI) and its cooperative relationship with the Taliban in Afghanistan. I guess I was somewhat aware of a split between Pakistan’s intelligence and military strategies – they seemed to be working at cross-purposes. But the important new fact in these reports (new […]

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piling on

Poor Bobby Jindal is having a tough week.  I’m sure he’s hoping that the lidless eye of the media finds something else to examine pretty soon.  But I have to note a really good editorial cartoon from Tom Toles.  It shows Jindal as a ship’s captain at the rail of sinking ship, saying to people […]

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small world

President Obama appears to have a strong working relationship with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner – Geithner seems to be taking part in every summit and financial initiative. I ran across this interesting fact about Geithner: his father, Peter F. Geithner, is the director of the Asia program at the Ford Foundation in New York. During […]

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