My North Star

It’s still dark enough at 6am to see a few stars. My weekday early morning run wraps up around that time, and this morning I took my post-run cool-down out on the back deck and found Polaris. This is a screen capture from an app on my phone. My actual view of the star was a […]

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For Boston

Tuesday morning was dark and unseasonably cold, the sort of day when you could easily talk yourself out of that pre-dawn run. But not this day; this one was for Boston. Once again we’re reminded, as if we needed a reminder, that everything can change in a heartbeat. So I probably won’t be talking myself […]

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Firmly resolved

Still heading out for the pre-dawn running, in case you’re looking for me before dawn. That’s Saturn near the moon, from a few weeks ago. It’s quite dark and cold these days, but in another month or so there should be a bit of light in the sky. That will help me spot the night-shift […]

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coach cat

Before the early morning run, it behooves me to do a bit of stretching.  Otherwise, I would probably need to be driven around the neighborhood. What is especially helpful is that the kitty saunters in to the den to show me how to do the stretching right. Now, open carpet is at a premium in […]

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out and about

It was t-shirt weather today in RWC, so I figured a scoot down the Skyline Trail might be in order, once I got my Saturday chores out of the way. So I hopped into the econobox and headed on up. It was really cold up there! 45 degrees! And windy! Which made it seem colder! […]

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Today was the first annual Sequoia Stampede 5K, although it was preceded by the Cherokee Chase 5K series that ended around the time we moved in here. They did a fantastic job with the organization for this event – they had chip timing and everything, and the whole thing had a very friendly vibe. Only […]

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way to go

Yesterday I slept right through my 5:30 start time for the early morning run, and missed out on an opportunity to run in the rain.  Like I said back in late December, my New Plan was to do these early morning runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and up until yesterday I had been keeping to […]

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early to rise

The early morning running is continuing, for those of us who like our jogging real cold, windless, and dark.  Turns out it’s just me.  Fine.  That’s just fine.  It was super cold yesterday (mid 30’s) and on one of the streets I saw this little cloud of condensation floating about 20 feet up, near a […]

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