a man for all seasons

Mellowcat observed the Winter Solstice with an early morning neighborhood run – and I mean early!  Five thirty.  What’s gotten into the Mellowcat, you’re probably asking.  This doesn’t sound like the Mellowcat that I know.  Well, you’re right.  This is uncharacteristic behavior.  But it’s all part of My New Plan, which includes early morning running […]

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design flaw

The Mellowcat is on the DL for a while following a running mishap last week.  Tripped, fell, used bad word.  My own fault (per normal); one of my shoelaces was untied, and the other shoe stepped on that, and I had a one-way ticket to Asphalt-ville.  This happens now and again, and I’d probably be […]

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word on the street

On today’s run out to the Jepson Laurel, I went past two gents who were walking and talking – one guy was speaking pretty loud, so I got in on listening to their conversation for a while.  It went like this: Let me give you an example.  In America?  Statistically?  Pretty much everybody would have […]

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The Mountain Warfare team is down to the last man, or last Mellowcat, in this case.   Our elder statesman, Clock Radio, was out of it fairly early due to a running injury.  Now The Letter goes down, as a result of Icelandic Ash Cloud Proximity Syndrome.  So that leaves the em-cat.  No wing men, nobody […]

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The test run up at the Cross Country Course today went OK.  I could feel that injured area in the left calf but it didn’t get any worse during the run, so I didn’t have to stop.  It will be nice to eventually be back to my normal pace and not have to worry about […]

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