And They’re Off

Out on a neighborhood run this afternoon, I was surprised to hear and see how many people had gathered in homes and backyards to watch the Belmont Stakes and cheer on California Chrome. Hopes were dashed when the horse ended up not winning the Triple Crown. I have a feeling that people will get over […]

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super sunday

Here’s a tip for the runners out there – if you’d prefer that your mid afternoon run on Sunday features fewer cars on the neighborhood streets, then I suggest starting at kickoff time on Superbowl Sunday. I’m talking ghost town. Except for the pizza delivery guys. Don’t worry about missing any of the action – […]

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game day

I was out early this morning, taking the Subie in for a smog test, and noted an early exodus of locals heading up to the ‘Stick for today’s Niners game. Somewhat surprising to see that at 8am when the game doesn’t start until 1:30, but I suppose you want to make the most of it […]

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and it’s good

Here’s a very rare professional sports related blog post for you. I am totally against field goals in football. And this is not just because of the Fiesta Bowl, although that does serve to bolster my argument. My feeling is that the field goal is unsatisfactory in all respects. I’ve thought about this a lot […]

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