I, Sensor

We now turn our attention to automobiles. But before doing so, here’s a frame from the eBird occurrence map for the Lazuli Bunting. You’ll see what this has to do with cars in just a minute, if you hang in there with me. You can view the animated version of this and many other maps […]

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Product placement

It looked like snow yesterday morning when we were checking out of The Redwoods, and the desk clerk said, “oh good, you’re driving a Subaru.”. Never has an inanimate object elevated my stature so. Sure enough, we needed the Forester’s all wheel drive when the snow started coming down in earnest. Like the mountain goat […]

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Forget the cupholders

Give me the rock-vaporizing laser that comes standard on the Curiosity. I’m sure the boys down at Subaru are looking into this. Maybe they’ll resurrect the Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter (see here), as the appropriate vehicle for this handy accessory. Would I be an interested consumer? Oh yeah. Oh, most assuredly, yeah.  

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Car trouble

My dashboard told me that the car’s oil life had reached 5%. I had to take the dashboard’s word for it – it knows more about these things than I do. To remedy the situation, I contacted the service station (are we still calling them that?) where I usually go via their web site and […]

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hit and run

Somebody broke the driver’s side mirror on my car, and took off without telling me how really sorry they were about it.  They’re getting the seven years bad luck, not me.  I might just toss on another year, come to think of it.  I’ll bet that the Honda Civic of the future will have some […]

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license to spell

One of my short-term goals is to get new license plates.  I like the California plates that have the whale tail, the one that benefits the Coastal Cleanup Day.  This seems to make visual sense on the back of a car.  I also was considering getting personalized plates with something cool and/or smart, like Clock […]

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