hit and run

Somebody broke the driver’s side mirror on my car, and took off without telling me how really sorry they were about it.  They’re getting the seven years bad luck, not me.  I might just toss on another year, come to think of it.  I’ll bet that the Honda Civic of the future will have some […]

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license to spell

One of my short-term goals is to get new license plates.  I like the California plates that have the whale tail, the one that benefits the Coastal Cleanup Day.  This seems to make visual sense on the back of a car.  I also was considering getting personalized plates with something cool and/or smart, like Clock […]

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uncalled for

Today Josh Marshall tells us that the Deepwater Horizon rig was built by Hyundai, saying “no wonder.”  What does he have against Hyundai?  The EPA says they make the most fuel efficient cars sold in America, Consumer Reports ranks them 4th in reliability, JD Power has them in third place for quality.  Anyway, it’s not […]

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downbound train

Mellowcat’s opinion of the proposed High Speed Rail connection between our Bay Area and their Southland is undergoing a shift.  The emCat would generally align ourselves with the rail-enthusiast community, but in this case our early enthusiasm has waned.  The proposed plan is very expensive, and addresses just one problem; providing an alternate way to […]

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prius as regulator

If you’re driving a Prius, then you probably are the kind of person who pays attention to fuel economy.  So you’re aware that driving at or a little below the posted speed limit on the freeway will improve your mpg.  And if you’re driving a Prius, it maybe doesn’t go all that fast anyway.  Bottom […]

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Now I’m all upset about the Cash for Clunkers program.  Should we really be encouraging proven Clunker-buyers to purchase more cars?  Aren’t they likely to purchase the Clunkers of the future?  I say; take away the car, the keys, the license, the auto loan, and let these folks take the bus for a couple of […]

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don’t get me wrong

Just because I’m not wild about GM’s interpretation of a “small car” doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the genre.  Being loyal Subaru enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to the R1e, whenever it gets here.  And Fiat has lots of very neat looking tiny cars.  I just don’t see how they’ll be re-badged as Imperials, […]

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