it’s here

The winds aren’t particularly strong yet, but the rain has started.   Looks like the forecasters didn’t overcall this one after all.  They’re still advertising wind gusts to 50mph later today.  The hatches have been battened down.

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summer rain

What a pleasant surprise to have that rain shower early this morning.  Just after Kitty came in from Dawn Patrol, the rain started.  It didn’t last that long, but I’m sure the plants, animals, bugs and birds in the neighborhood appreciated it.  I sure did.

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april showers

Nice!  A little rain is moving in to the Bay Area this morning.  I had to run the sprinks last week – the first time so far this year, and I was hoping to delay the onset of regular watering.  This will help.  And the forecast discussion tells me that we might get some more […]

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