high water

March is going out like a warm and sunny lamb.  Nice to be able to step outside without the rain gear; enough is enough.  The neighborhood went Artesian a couple of weeks ago, and little seasonal creeks and ponds are showing up in unexpected places, like driveways.  And it’s not just the water that’s now […]

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I’ve been reading C.S. Forester’s Hornblower novels, and can recommend them to you in the strongest possible terms.  Very exciting and fun to read.   One of the things that makes them fun is the frequent use of nautical terms that are now part of our everyday talk.  Some of them are kind of obvious, […]

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in a word

Yesterday afternoon I saw a pre-SOTU article indicating that the President would describe our current state of global competitiveness as “our generation’s Sputnik moment”.  Now, if you’ve been around as long as the Mellowcat, you’d already know all about Sputnik, and how much fun it is to use that name in a sentence.  And if […]

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the king tide

Today and tomorrow mark the highest astronomical tides of the year, according to the weather guys.  That didn’t say if that was “so far this year”, or if this is the highest predicted tide for the whole year.  But that hardly matters to me; I just like that they called them “the King’s tides”.  Yesterday […]

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2010: the year in review

Where should I begin… oh, right.  January!  That’s when Mellowcat went on Stormwatch.  We didn’t have any big storms to talk about in February, but we did complain about co-workers munching at their desks, and other trivia.  In March, we said farewell to Orchard Supply Hardware (it’s still there, but we no longer go there) […]

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We’re opening up the Baseball Glossary in Wikipedia again to find out why left-handers (like young Madison Bumgarner) are referred to as “southpaw”.   You will find this interesting: Southpaw: Left-hander, especially a pitcher. Most baseball stadiums are built so that home plate is in the west and the outfield is in the east, so that […]

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hear the end of this

I am adding the following expressions to the “let’s not use these expressions anymore” list: ‘back in the day’, ‘sale-a-bration’, and ‘spook-tacular’.  And this one’s not used much, which is good, but in the rare instances that it is used, it shouldn’t be used: ’24/7/365′.  Meaning round-the-clock, year round.  The thing that kind of bugs […]

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guest book

The cabins at The Redwoods in Yosemite have guest books, and it’s fun to read people’s comments.  Lots of “love the cabin”, and “hate to leave”, and there’s always one person complaining about the TV reception or something.  Then the person after that says “what’s with that guy?” to reset the guest book to a […]

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