word on the street

On today’s run out to the Jepson Laurel, I went past two gents who were walking and talking – one guy was speaking pretty loud, so I got in on listening to their conversation for a while.  It went like this: Let me give you an example.  In America?  Statistically?  Pretty much everybody would have […]

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Joe Montana says: You look forward to the first hit of the game. I tell them to call a play where somebody misses a block. If you don’t get hit, you’re always waiting for it to happen. It’s better to get it out of the way early.

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two confusing

Earlier we talked about the use of “grant it” instead of “granted”, remember? Well, I ran across a couple of these things – words or phrases that are misheard and reformed with altered spelling – in this cool old book I just read called Hamlet. At one point Hamlet says he’s “to the manner born”, […]

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stamp corrected

The writer of this morning’s forecast discussion has a habit of saying “grant it” instead of “granted” when prefacing some uncertain weather prediction. GRANT IT…MEDIUM RANGE MODELS HAVE A RATHER LARGE SPREAD IN SOLUTIONS WHICH GIVES LITTLE CONFIDENCE. I wondered how common this might be, and found a reference describing this phrase as a possible […]

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’tis the season

Now mellowcat is up in arms about the the expression “bah humbug”.  Somehow the two exclamations have been conflated into a single phrase.  Let’s check back and see what Ebenezer Scrooge actually said when his nephew wishes him a Merry Christmas: “A merry Christmas, uncle!  God save you!” cried a cheerful voice.  It was the […]

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hey, thanks.

in yoga class this week, Brick suggested we think about thankfulness – here’s what came to mind: the first rain of winter, peanut butter and jelly, the tonight show starring johnny carson, three day weekends, four day weekends, twin membership, the cat sleeping by the fire, chilnualna falls trail, quiet, zinfandel, humboldt county, thunder, obama, […]

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well said

In William Langewiesche’s Fly By Wire, we find this exchange between an air traffic controller and a pilot: he was working the Newark arrivals sector – probably the most challenging air traffic control position in the United States – he issued a rapid-fire clearance to a Southerner flying for Delta, and the pilot drawled back, […]

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tell it like it is

The pickup truck in front of me had an unusual logo for the guy’s business; the letters CLC, with each of the letters segmented into pieces.  They kind of looked like broken bones, which was probably not the intent.  When we pulled up to the stop sign, I could see that “CLC” stands for “cool […]

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