Inquire Within

You probably have already seen this, since we’re all following the U.S. Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Region on Twitter: This looked to be right up my alley, since I’m interested in weather and forests. I met most of the position requirements: U.S. Citizen (yep), valid driver’s license (just checked – it’s valid). But then they had one more key […]

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Living in the moment

This morning I discovered that they had replaced the soap dispenser in the comfort station at work. The original one never worked, so this was a huge upgrade. Totally out of the blue, also. No inter-office memoranda circulated in advance of this change. No anti-bacterial task force was charged with selecting the vendor and product […]

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listen to this

Overheard a little while ago in my cubicle warren: *crash* (far-off voice) Are you OK? (nearby voice) I’m OK, but I’m not sure about this ceramic cat. Followed by an intra-cubicle discussion of cat breeds that do not have tails.

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This hasn’t been the greatest of work-weeks.  Lots of system problems (not my fault, let it be said).  So as things started to settle down I told myself, “on Friday morning, you will reward yourself with coffee and a cookie.”  Friday’s here, got my coffee, and… they’re out of cookies.

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