The Stand-ins

It’s been about six weeks since we bid farewell to our Annie. She was getting along in years and was showing signs that she might be wrapping things up before long, but we weren’t yet ready to say goodbye when the day arrived. There’s a cat-shaped empty space in the house now. We’ve been trying […]

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Between Destinations

I used to have it figured out. When we took a vacation trip, I’d read all about where we were going, note all the points of interest ahead of time, map out the route, and determine what I would think and feel at key locations. Leaving nothing to chance, I would basically imagine it all and take the vacation in my mind before we left. That was before.

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The Archdruid

I finally got around to reading John McPhee’s Encounters with the Archdruid. If you have not read it yet, proceed without delay. McPhee is a favorite, from way back when I first read his geology-centered books, such as Assembling California. I like his style. He’s one of those guys who can reveal complexity and power […]

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