Urban Birding

It would be nice if every bird was seen in his or her natural setting, but that is rarely going to be the case when you inhabit a world that has been radically altered by you-know-who (Man). Nevertheless, there are birds to be seen in parking lots, high voltage power lines, and highway overpasses. Herewith are two case […]

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Turning Point

Did you feel it? I did, earlier today. I was outside, tidying up the yard, and noticed that that the angle of light had changed. It’s changing all the time of course, but I just noticed it so that makes it blog worthy. Around these parts, the shift from Summer to Fall it quite subtle. […]

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Finch Dispersal

Much to the dismay of the local House Finches, I had to take the bird feeders down for a few days. I saw a couple of birds exhibiting signs of the finch eye disease, which can quickly spread when they congregate together. And boy, do they congregate. It’s been a non-stop Finch party at both feeders […]

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To Build a Fire

You are responsible for managing millions of acres of forested lands, it is the middle of summer, in the fourth year of drought. How do you safeguard these lands against harm? Well, if you’re the US Forest Service, you invite thousands of people to start fires, some of them quite large, in a mostly unsupervised, uncontrolled […]

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Finessing the Rig

There are five ways to learn about assembling your car camping rig: deep personal reflection, inspiration,  trial and error, field observation, and direct mail marketing. You never know what’s going to work, so I suggest pursuing all five paths, in addition to the sixth way to car camping enlightenment that we have not yet discovered. We haven’t been at this […]

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Rambling in the Northeast Quadrant – Episode 2

We now continue the account begun yesterday of our trip to the Plumas/Tahoe National Forest region. Here’s a picture of the Sierra Buttes taken from Mills Peak, to get you oriented. Let’s see now, where were we? Right – in the Diablo Campground, with unruly neighbors and a gathering thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Having been […]

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Locals Only

There’s been some shenanigans going on in our backyard. First it was the Chestnut-backed Chickadees, settling in to the nest box and eventually fledging some fresh new CBC’s. Then it was the Dark-eyed Juncos, with three new little Juncos in tow, showing them the ropes at the bird feeder. Then the Nuttall’s Woodpeckers, a mating […]

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