Old Home Week

I’ve been waiting for our hobo Black-headed Grosbeak to ride the Spring Migration rails through town, and he finally showed up. We saw him northbound last April, and heading south in September. He’s only around for a day or two, and I might have missed him but we had (people) visitors in town, and I’d […]

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The Fallen Monarch

About 40 years ago California was as drought-stricken as today, and the good people of the 1970’s switched out their thirsty landscaping with the Sunset-magazine-sanctioned plants of that era. Juniper. Lemon Bottle-brush. Oleander. Whoever lived in our house in those years was doing the right thing, because we still have a lot of these plants. […]

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Off Leash

Another local controversy is a-brewin’, and this one involves people and their dogs, which escalates the tension level immediately to DEFCON 1. The NPS offered a Dog Management Plan to close some parts of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to off-leash dogs. Dogs have lobbyists on par with the NRA it seems – our feisty […]

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My North Star

It’s still dark enough at 6am to see a few stars. My weekday early morning run wraps up around that time, and this morning I took my post-run cool-down out on the back deck and found Polaris. This is a screen capture from an app on my phone. My actual view of the star was a […]

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I, Sensor

We now turn our attention to automobiles. But before doing so, here’s a frame from the eBird occurrence map for the Lazuli Bunting. You’ll see what this has to do with cars in just a minute, if you hang in there with me. You can view the animated version of this and many other maps […]

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